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Airline distribution is at the beginning of a transition phase, re-evaluating business strategy and customer relationship management as well as modernising its product portfolio and ICT infrastructure in order to make use of the growing variety of sales and digital marketing channels and realise distribution cost reduction. However, many carriers are still unsure which strategy and investment to pursue.

This is why we have created a highly interactive event. Instead of marketing statements and product presentations the event aims to promote discussion and exchange of experiences by offering you 12 distinguished round tables of speakers from airlines and GDS systems. Additionally, you will hear not-to-be-missed case studies and industry expert lectures and can choose between 5 interactive workshops.

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Benefits of the co-location with the event Passenger Experience Management

Instead of a business model focused strictly on the sale of a relatively commoditized product (a seat on a flight), airlines are now looking at ways to address their customers’ broader needs. A welcoming and seamless customer experience across all aspects of air travel, from reservation to touchdown are increasingly popular strategies in order to differentiate the airline product and strengthen customer loyalty. Additionally, the digital age has given rise to new distribution channels and opportunities of new revenue generation and better customer interactions. This summit enables in-depth look into both aspects.

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ey technologies

Find new ideas for ideal distribution channel portfolios in a digital world

Risk experts

Realise new opportunities of revenue generation by offering ancillary services and dynamic pricing of personalised offers through efficient data mining, customer profiling

Organisations to jump

Exchange experiences of technological, managerial and strategic consequences of NDC implementation

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